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Print on demand is a ridiculously simple business model to make money
online. I stumbled on print on demand from watching a YouTube video, and
I was able to create a passive income stream in less than a year.

Here was a business that needed very little investment with lots of potential. In my first year I made over $40,000 from print on demand.

If you have some basic skills in creating digital art or typography you can start creating designs to sell with print on demand. I started with typography which was easy to apply to t-shirt designs. …

Stand out to Potential Employers

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Your resume needs to stand out from the stack that the recruiter or hiring manager will be going through. They might have hundreds of potential applicants applying for the job. As a manager of a retail store I reviewed a large number of resumes each month, and I am going to be honest many ended up in the trash pretty quick.

Technology also plays a role on how a resume moves forward to the hiring manger. There are computer programs that will screen your resume to ensure you have the skills required. …

Working From Home Has It’s Challenges, but It Also Has Some Comforts

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The comfort of working from home will hold you back from doing your job. When you are working from home, you need to remind yourself that you are working and accountable to your employer.

The secret to working from home is to remove the word home. What I mean is that you need to focus on getting your work done. If you do not create a dedicated space to work in your home, you will start slacking and become distracted.

It took me a few weeks of working…

Cartridges Based System with Popular Collection of Games

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The Evercade portable gaming system is not unique. There are countless portable gaming systems that can be purchased from China with hundreds of games installed. What is unique is that Evercade is expandable with cartridges based on collection of games. The game collections are licensed, and you are not getting some shady system from the back ends of the internet.

The Evercade portable system is designed for retro gamers. The cartridge collection satisfies the physical media requirements of gamers, who like to collect. With a 4.3″ screen and 4–5 hour battery life…

Could the iconic game company ever return to the console wars?

Right now, the game console market has three major players. All three of these companies — Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft — have deep pockets and access to numerous exclusive, big-name franchises. There have been several attempts in recent years to establish a fourth player (Ouya and Stadia, anyone?), but we haven’t yet seen a truly viable “fourth pillar” arise. There’s one company, though, with the franchises, the know-how, and the experience to break through: Sega.


The last — and final — console from Sega, the legendary Dreamcast, was released over twenty years ago. But many fans consider it the greatest…

Offers Potential Tesla Buyers Something Else to Consider

Photo Hyundai USA

The Hyundai Ioniq may not be on the same level as a Tesla, but at an affordable price it’s certainly a worthy choice for those looking to drive an electric car. With three different modes of propulsion on offer from Hyundai, it fits the needs of many. The push for electrification at Hyundai has placed them ahead of other traditional car manufactures.

As an owner of a Tesla Model 3 it is not easy to admit that I could have saved some money and bought a Hyundai Ioniq instead. …

What I Learned from My Millionaire Friend

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You might be one of the many people that dream of someday owning a Tesla. If you are I want to share my story and how I was able to afford the car of my dreams.

As a kid I would dream about the fancy cars, that I would come across in magazines. Dreaming that one day I could afford one. I thought doctors and lawyers were the only ones that could afford such cars. Perhaps I would land a well-paid job that would allow me to afford one.

As the years went…

©Burger King Corporation

In the 1980’s the fast food burger giants tried various advertisement campaigns to drive traffic to their restaurants. Many may remember the Wendy’s “Where’s the beef?” commercials. The slogan also became part of popular culture.

With Wendy’s and Burger King fighting for the second place in the Burger Wars against McDonald's.

The J. Walter Thompson agency had to come up with a clever campaign for Burger King. They created a character named Herb and put out a $40 million dollar advertisement campaign. The Herb character was played by actor Jon Menick.

The commercials started airing in November of 1985. The cryptic commercials introduced Herb, but only his feet were shown. The viewer has no clue who Herb was or why Burger King was advertising around this character. …

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Amazon is the largest online market place with a worldwide presence. We all know Jeff Bezos has become a billionaire many times over from the success of Amazon. Imagine if you could take just a small piece of that pie.

Over the years, I have sold online through eBay and local market places. The amount of money from these sales helps pay the bills, but not sufficient to go full-time and leave the 9 to 5 behind.

I was curious about Amazon and the success stories I was reading online and watching through YouTube videos. …

Instead of paying for the popular paid software

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There are financial barriers when it comes to purchasing software to start a business or offer a service online. The cost of software from leading companies like Adobe or Microsoft might not be a viable choice for someone just starting out. When I start a new business, the software is always one of the biggest upfront costs.

The limited amount of money that I have to put into a new venture has caused me to be a bit creative when it comes to software. Let us be clear that I am not…

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