How to Make Money By Giving Away Content for Free

Photo by Judit Peter from Pexels

As an online content creator most of the stuff I create is given away for free. I never ask for money, but I have been able to make an income from giving my content away for free.

This is how it’s done and it can work for you. The term freemium refers to the act of giving away a product or service and building interest in your brand, that a consumer will eventually pay for one of your offers or upgrades.

It’s a common practice with software, a publisher will offer a limited version of the software and then charge to unlock more advanced features . The user still has access to most functionality of the software, but as the user gains new skills using the software they will want to pay for more of the features.

The same goes for content creators and you can turn that free content into paid content. The secret is to build an audience and become an expert in your field.

This model is well suited for digital content that has little cost to produce. Once you have your content you will have to find a way to distribute it. There are many platforms to choose from with no cost or a low cost paid monthly plan.

I will use an example from a YouTuber I follow, and how he created a free Zine in 6 hours to give away online. He documented his creative effort on YouTube and as a viewer your curiosity is peaked as he gets into what he is creating. If he told you that there would be a cost to purchase the digital content you might not take action and pay for the content. In this example the content creator provides a glimpse into what he was doing and at the end of the video he offered it for free. After watching this video for over 10 minutes most people will want to take a look at the free content. With no cost and no risk why not check it out.

This is how he turned free content into paid content. When you visit the digital distribution platform Gum Road you can either download the content for free or make a donation for what you feel the content might be worth. When I got to this point I was compelled to pay a few dollars for his work. Not only did he walk us through how he created this work and his effort, but his content was educational. Which is worth something to me and I was happy to make a donation for this content.

Now think of your content how it may fit into the freemium model. Is there something of value you can add to those who want to expand on your content. There are various ways to add a call to action asking for tip or donation, if the consumer enjoyed your content. If done in a polite way you will be surprised how many people will support your work.

Think outside the box create without the expectation that you will get paid for your work. Get your work out there, and provide a way that the consumer can reward you if they have received value from your work.



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